Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas is almost here!

I LOVE Christmas but who doesn't?! I was trying to make my blog all Christmassy but scrapblog is a hater right now. Oh well. . This Christmas is already turning out to be the BEST! Preston gets to come home (his first Christmas home in like 3 years)! He is coming on the 21st and I couldnt be more excited and time couldn't be moving any slower! Sooooo to keep the time moving and me busy and my mind off of it I have done a few projects. They were all a lot of fun and pretty easy to put together. Just thought I would post some of them!

Sorry this is a hard pic to see. ..apparently I don't know how to use a camera flash! But made the garland for the tree out of strips of christmas fabric! SOOO cute!
LOVE these! Revamped the old ornaments! Who doesnt enjoy a little old school paper mache?!
The idea had good intention but a BAD outcome! Oreo's dipped in vanilla turned out NASTY! But i did find the Andes Peppermint bark at Walmart and dipped oreos in that with a lollipop stick and that is AMAZING! They are so good I am going to give them out this year! SOO yummy!

I made this ALL by myself! This is Prestons sock this year! I think it turned out pretty good! Fleece lined and everything. . . . . the only thing I forgot was the hanger. . hahaha so it sits on the mantle instead of hanging . . . i will need to fix that
This one turned out better than I anticipated! I got the idea from Crafters corner! Most of there board is covered in words and 1 or 2 images. When I started that was the plan but then a metal plate graphic and santa made their way on the board. Turned out cute though so I dont mind 1 bit.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Remember that time I started a blog? Ya, well I finally did and I thought I would write a new post. Preston has been working like crazy to get back from Bahrain. Everything he has tried has led to a dead end and we circle back around and start all over on a new idea. We did get to spend 2 weeks together in September and right now we are planning on me visiting there for the holidays. I am grateful for the time we got to spend together. Hopefully we will have some better answers about when we can be together soon and we can finally spend more together! I will try harder to keep this updated!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Looking Up!!!!!

Well, things are starting to kinda look up for us. I just got a new job at Pioneer Valley Hospital on the Psych floor. So look forward to some interesting posts! Haha! While I was waiting to interview for the 2nd time I already had a bulk of paper and a chair thrown at me! and I was only there for 10 mins... . going to be interesting when I am there for 12 hours at a time! HAHAH! I am super excited to finally be using my license! I couldnt be more grateful! News from Presto is that he should be back in mid to late July for good! YAY!! So excited to have him home and that we can stay around our family and friends! Hopefully some more good stories soon! OH! and hopefully I can post more pics of the wedding soon!

Friday, April 1, 2011


It's about time I started a blog haha. .. our life just isnt that interesting right now. But welcome to our blog. Me & Preston were recently married on March 5th 2011! We spent 8 days together before Presto had to go back to Bahrain. BOO!!! Our plan was for me to go live out there but we are waiting to see what happens for a little bit and hope that we know soon where we will be! Hopefully I have something great to post soon! But I will try to get some pics of the wedding up soon! It was AMAZING!